Domestic Services

In Domestic Services we are providing the delivery of the cargo across Idian by verious means of transportations. The volume of the cargo and demand or urgency or priority depend the mode of transporation via Surface or Air. In A3 we have the solutions of delivering cargo by Road, Rail and Air to ensures the priority deliveries and optimal the cost and fulfill customer requirements. 


Domestic Surface Cargo Movements:

1. Dedicated Vehicle


The A3 logistics has designed a comprehensive door-to-door solution for your full load shipments.The full load service option is used when the delivery requires a separate or dedicated vehicle. A3 Logistics is equipped to provide the vehicles as per the weight and volume of the cargo and demand of the customers. Eihter it is one tonner small vehicle or 40ft trailor A3 Logistics is having cost effective solutions. The planning and the work are carried out by A3 logistics itself as well as under long-term contracts with company’s network of partner and suppliers.

The A3 logistics offers this service in two formats

  • Direct: When the vehicle will be loaded at one (1) point of Sendor¬†and will be delivered at one (1) point of Receiver’s end.
  • Milk Run: This special service is degined to deliver the cargo in multiple location on the route carried by a dedicated vehicle.¬†¬†
  1.  Pickup from one location and delivery at more than one location in the same vehicle.
  2. Pickup from Multiplate location and delivery at one point in the same vehicle. 


2. Express movement


The A3 logistics has also providing facility for its customer in express delivery mechanism for small cargo. A3 logistics itself as well as under long-term contracts with company‚Äôs network of partner-suppliers for Express cargo as well.

The A3 logistics offers this service in three formats

  • Road Express

    Concidering the need of our valued customers we offered through our associate partners a time bound and faster movemnts of small cargo across india. Where our customers experience a economic, speed and confortable delivery at the door step of the consignee.

  • Air Express:

    As we all aware that, air freight‚Äôs agility is incomparable to any other mode of transporation when there is a requirement of supper fast delivery of the cargo.                                                        We at A3 Logistics have the necessary solutions of faster/many options of connectivity, direct connection on AWB or consolidations of the cargo.  

  • Rail Express:

    When there is a requirement of transportation of a heavy volume of goods to faraway with a economical price, Rail Transportation is one of the comparable  options in surface transport. Railway transport service is at all times dependable and economical and time bound for far distant transportation for businesses of all size and many category.                                                                                     A3 Logistics have the solution to provide space avaiibility, door pick-up and better connectivity