Air Cargo

International Express:

In this service we offer a express or faster door to door delivery of International Documents or small parcel in the verious parts of the world. 

A3 Logistics is having this solutions through direct and indirect associations of leading international service providers. Also through specialised service providers of a particular location or country. 

Our customers benefit to avail the services of many leading service providers through a single window, availing the service of best service provider for the required destination, cost benefit, prompt delivery and billing through a single window.


International Freight Forwarding by Air

International freight forwarding – perhaps the most highly specialized niche in logistics and supply chain managements. It involces arranging the transportation and customs clearance. 

A3 Logistics have the solutions ……….

Ø  For Door pick-up of the cargo

Ø  For Intimation to the shipper about the required documentation of cargo

Ø  For custom clearance

Ø  For Required flight connection for destination.

Our standard freight forwarding services by air includes:

Ø  High Value Cargo Handling

Ø  Dangerouus Goods (DG) Handling

including UN Packeging, Custom Clearance and connectivity.

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